Private Client Services

Working closely with clients to understand their needs and aspirations.

Asking the right questions

GM Warburg Commercial goes to great lengths to understand clients’ circumstances and plans for the future and for good reason. Knowing what people want to achieve gives us a clear target at which to aim. Clichéd as it may sound, no two clients are ever the same so the overall plan of action we implement must be tailor-made to each client’s specific needs. The best way to achieve this is to ask the right questions, the first of which deals with the caution that every client should approach investing with; risk.

In a perfect world, all one would have to do is put money away for a pre-determined period, return and voilà, one’s guaranteed profits are ready to be realized but sadly, our world is anything but perfect and no matter where or in what we invest, there is always the chance that we could lose some or all of our capital. Reducing or “mitigating” risk is among the most important skills an investment manager can possess and it is one that GM Warburg Commercial has gone to great lengths to master.


Handling risk

We make a big deal of risk because, along with plain old malinvestment, it poses the greatest danger to invested capital. The ability to live with or tolerate risk is subjective. Naturally, all investors want it minimized but they also want high returns and therein lies the rub because high returns typically harbor elevated risk. This means the investor must reach a compromise whereby the risk isn’t so high as to keep him or her awake at night but not so low as to strangle the returns for which they’re investing in the first place.

It is GM Warburg Commercial’s job to determine each client’s attitude to risk and to ensure that a happy compromise is reached that enables them to earn returns without having their capital beset on all sides by the specter of high risk and, by extension, loss.


Firmly in your corner

Our private client services are designed to discover your objectives and stand by you every step of the way until they are achieved. From determining your risk tolerance to selecting the assets that make up your portfolio and diligently monitoring and rebalancing weightings over time, GM Warburg Commercial’s services are more than up to the challenge.