Investment Philosophy

More than ever, today’s markets demand an adaptable approach.

Changing conditions demand flexibility

Unlike others, the GM Warburg Commercial investment philosophy is fluid and it adapts to the broader economic outlook and the prevailing conditions in the markets. While it is true that many managers take pride in the fact that their investing modus operandi hasn’t significantly changed in years, the harsh reality is that the best performing investing styles are those that have adapted to accommodate the greater inter-dependencies that characterize today’s markets.

For example, the time-honored “buy-and-hold” approach whereby one could simply buy a stock and hold it for 5 or 10 years before selling at a profit was considered a “no-brainer” two decades ago; an investor relying solely on buy-and-hold in today’s climate would simply be left behind.


Smoothing out the bumps in the road

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is our belief in the value of a long-term investment strategy. The primary reason for this remains as valid today as it did in the past – namely, the peaks and troughs that hallmark short-term performance can be ironed out over the long term, leaving gains largely intact.

Uncertainty seems to be the only certainty and GM Warburg Commercial doesn’t pretend to be able to accurately forecast the future or get you invested in ‘the next big thing’. What we can provide you with is years of financial market investment experience, a proven investment process and a cast iron commitment to the achievement of your goals.