Discretionary Management

Your Time is Precious ...

... so leave the legwork to our consummate professionals.

Let us achieve your goals

We recognize that it can be difficult to let go of the reins when so much of what you’re about is tied up in plotting your own course and being responsible for your own results but the sphere of investment – especially long-term – is often best left to those who live, eat and breathe the subject.

You will need to provide GM Warburg Commercial with a discretionary mandate allowing our portfolio managers to make investment decisions and execute transactions pertaining to your portfolio without needing to refer to you before doing so. Some 78% of GM Warburg Commercial clients have chosen to have their investments managed in this way and all are delighted with the results.


Truly individualized service

Our truly individualized service respects your risk tolerances. This essentially means that, depending on the extent of your aversion to risk, assets or techniques that expose your capital to greater risk than you find acceptable will never be held or used in your portfolio at any time.

The portfolio managers at GM Warburg Commercial will be responsible for the day-to-day management of your account, deciding when to buy or sell assets, when to take profits, when to take some risk off the table and when to seek refuge in cash at times of turmoil. Naturally, being on the frontline, your portfolio manager will be the one who answers your questions on strategy, performance and fine-tuning at the twice-yearly reviews the service offers as standard.