Capital Advisory

For those who feel more comfortable retaining control.

Going your own way

GM Warburg Commercial’s capital advisory service is very similar to our Discretionary Management offering but comes with one important difference; it relieves our portfolio managers of responsibility for the transactional operations on your portfolio and places it squarely in your court.

This essentially means that, although you will still benefit from our meticulous research and the investment opportunities it identifies, the actual buying and/or selling of the assets related to these opportunities will require your express consent.

This arrangement is usually of benefit to those with complex existing investment structures that do not lend themselves well to discretionary mandates or to those with experience of the markets who simply wish to avail themselves of the efficacy of our research operations while retaining the final sanction on whether or not to proceed.

Those selecting this service should be mindful of the fact that the need to secure permission before taking action on an opportunity could result in the loss or impairment of that opportunity.