About GM Warburg Commercial

GM Warburg Commercial aims to exceed client expectations . . . time & time again.

Logical, evidence-based investing

Based in the heart of Seoul, South Korea, GM Warburg Commercial is among the Asia Pacific region’s most venerated boutique investment management houses. We are staunchly active managers pursuing absolute returns using a variety of strategies that include short-selling, investing in futures, derivatives and arbitrage strictly as a complement to our core traditional techniques.

We are pure evidence-based investors meaning we rely on the accuracy and efficacy of our own in-house research and that of a small group of preferred third party research houses whose analysis we have come to trust implicitly over the years. The evidence this research provides is the basis for the investment decisions we make and the assets, instruments and techniques we use to implement them.


Decidedly proactive

An example of when we might use these complementary strategies is when our research signals that a decline in a particular market or asset may be approaching. Rather than simply avoid deploying capital in that market or asset, we may actively take what is known as a “short position” in the specific asset(s) with a view to making a profit as the predicted decline plays out.

This is a more aggressive technique but it is one that can be highly effective when used judiciously, at the right time and of course only in client portfolios with a risk tolerance that allows it.